Schedule Maker Icon
Schedule Maker is designed to create schedules once was given a valid informatio
Example For winreg Icon
This recipe is another example of how to use the winreg module.
Encrypting A String Icon
The main purpose of these functions are to encrypt and decrypt a string
Artificial Windows Icon
There are probably other, better ways of printing ASCII graphics in Python
A simple date class Icon
This recipe can be used by anyone who wants a date object for a program
ZChat Icon
Provide an example of how the z_service module can be used.
Port Forwarding Icon
The title of this recipe contains the two words that gave the inspiration
War Game Icon
This is modified version of War Game and includes updated classes.
un_comment Icon
There aren't many one-liner programs that exist, and that is probably a good
Simple Average Calculation Icon
Here is a simple program that can average a list of numbers.
Python Script Viewer Icon
Written to take advantage of the custom CGI module
split_and_join Icon
This recipe will split a file into several smaller files while at the same time
Proxy Example Icon
This is just a simple example usage example of the proxy module presented
Disk Dumper Icon
This recipe will display a hex dump of the disk specified on the command line.
WikklyText Icon
Provide a lightweight, portable, extensible wiki language
icmplib Icon
icmplib: library for creating and reading ICMP packets (Python)
DITrack Icon
DITrack is a free, open source, lightweight, distributed issue tracking system.
Constellation Finder Icon
The following recipe demonstrates the use of SETs in Python.
ARFF to SQL converter Icon
Python script to import ARFF data files into any database.
Wolfram-style cellular automata Icon
This is a little script that uses Python to generate the cellular automata
The Python module handles communication with the FastCGI module
Album Track List Generator Icon
Album Track List Generator allows you to extract artist, album title and track t
Drifting Car Icon
Simple drifting car using pygame You will need an image to use for the car
HTML Help Icon
Presented here are two modules, "html_help" & "Zam".
Draw SVG Images Icon
This script draws simple SVG images composed of circles, squares, lines, text.
Using wxPython/OpenGL to draw a sphere Icon
A simple wxPython/OpenGL application to draw a sphere.
Human readable 'random' password Icon
Password will be generated in the form 'word'+digits+'word' eg
wxPython Icon
This is a GUI toolkit for the Python programming language
Unpack a multipart MIME message Icon
Unpack a multipart MIME message script is an example of using the email module t
Crypt Script Icon
It is designed to encode and decode files (for encryption purposes).
python-ldap Icon
python-ldap provides an object-oriented API to access LDAP.
Tic-tac-toe Python Icon
Tic-tac-toe Python script allows you to play a Tic-tac-toe game.
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Icon
A class that carries out Principal Component Analysis (PCA).
Fractal tree Icon
This simple program can be used to compute and display a 2D fractal tree.
web2ldap Icon
A generic LDAPv3 client which does not make any assumptions
Stripchart Plotter Icon
OpenGL Stripchart plotter for a user defined number of channels.
icmplib Icon
icmplib: library for creating and reading ICMP packets (Python)
'Safe' Python module reload Icon
This is a script for python.
OK cancel dialog Icon
This is a script for python.
ZChat Icon
Provide an example of how the z_service module can be used.