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Solar Eclipse Maestro Icon
Controls up to 4 USB or Firewire cameras during an eclipse.
CP290 Director X Icon
Controls X10 home automation.
servebox Icon
Controls Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Subversion all from one window.
LC Xmu Icon
LC Xmu emulates one or more Logic Controls or Mackie Controls in software.
JS Blocker Icon
Safari extension that controls which scripts—and more—run on websites.
ContentBarrier X8 Icon
Previously known as Family Protector. Smart and intuitive parental controls (was Family Protector).
DAQ Plot Icon
Strip chart application which plots electrical signals and controls devices.
JavaScript Blocker Icon
Safari extension controls which scripts run on Web sites.
Intego Family Protector Icon
Smart and intuitive parental controls.
Cockatoo Icon
Elegant off-screen controls for iTunes.