Fully supports the PAD initiative

One of the most time consuming parts of this business is version updates.

For developers, the challenge is keeping track of thousands of download portals - a necessary task since each one provides the potential for new exposure.

Similarly, download portals must keep tabs on the tens of thousands of applications that are updated regularly in order to provide their users with a quality listing of the latest software.

It's a monumental task for both sides.

Some tips to get you started

  • Update your PAD files as you release new versions
  • Use the most popular pad URL format: https://www.yoursite.com/pad/app-name.xml
  • Ensure that the PAD file validates correctly
  • Avoid changing the url where your PAD file can be found
  • Create a separate PAD file for each edition of your product (LITE, PRO, etc...)
  • Include the OS in the product name if you have different pads for different OS (Example: Video Converter for Windows 7, Video Converter for Mac)
  • Include as much information as possible in your PAD file
  • Download files must be virus/trojan/spyware free
  • Download links must be accessible at all times

Submit PAD

Only apps submitted by developers, authors or their authorized representatives will be accepted.

Please note: the size of app icon should be at least 128x128



Find the SIXTH number

Remove app: Contact us and specify the URL where your app is listed or the exact app name as it appears on our website.

Submitting a PAD file will not automatically list your app on our site. All submitted apps must be reviewed by our staff prior to being put online. Our editors reserve the right to refuse or edit submitted apps for correctness and/or content without notice.