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    1. [ Misc Software Development ]

      Integrate systems effectively with clean syntax, high-level data structures, dynamic typing, and rich support libraries....

      Download Open Source
    2. [ PHP ]

      Generate a full set of PHP scripts from databases....

      Download Demo Software
    3. [ Source Code Editors ]

      Take full advantage of highly executable, multi-language, simultaneous text and source code editing....

      Download Freeware
    4. [ Source Code Editors ]

      Edit, sort, compare, merge, encrypt and decrypt files larger than 400GB....

      Download Demo Software
    5. [ Source Code Editors ]

      Move source-code repositories from Microsoft SourceSafe to Subversion repositories....

      Download Demo Software
    6. [ Source Code Editors ]

      Compare and merge diffing files and folders....

      Download Demo Software
    7. [ Databases ]

      Develop MySQL database applications using ADO.NET technology....

      Download Demo Software
    8. [ Debugging ]

      Decompile and analyze Java 5, and upper, ".class" files....

      Download Open Source
    9. [ Misc Software Development ]

      Run other operating systems on your computer....

      Download Freeware
    10. [ Source Code Editors ]

      Create and edit commands, text files, macros, and regular expressions....

      Download Demo Software