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    1. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      Customize the look and feel of the Windows desktop interface with skins....

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    2. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      Increase your productivity by performing different operations in your desktop....

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    3. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      Clean up icon clutter on your desktop....

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    4. [ Wallpaper Tools ]

      Wallpaper Engine enables you to use live wallpapers on your Windows desktop....

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    5. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      Access your most frequently used applications from a customizable dock on your desktop....

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    6. [ Miscellaneous ]

      Keep up to date with EA game releases....

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    7. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      StartW8 is a FREE but powerful start menu tool for Windows 8 users....

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    8. [ Miscellaneous ]

      Steam, the ultimate online game platform....

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    9. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      Place favorite Web links, program shortcuts, and widgets on a fun, animated, and easy-to-use dock....

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    10. [ Miscellaneous ]

      Dexpot turns your monitor into up to 20....

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