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Viper FTP Lite Icon
Previously known as ViaFTP Lite. The personal FTP/SFTP/WebDAV file manager (was ViaFTP Lite).
Facebook Messenger Icon
Chat with your Facebook friends on your Mac.
Facebook Desktop Icon
Stay 24/7 online in facebook with facfebook desktop.
Friendly for Facebook Icon
Facebook status info on the desktop.
IM for Facebook Icon
Chat with your Facebook friends on your Mac (was Facebook Messenger).
Chatty for Facebook Icon
Lightweight Facebook chat app.
MenuTab for Facebook Icon
Provides real-time Facebook access from your menu bar.
myBuddy for Facebook Icon
Access Facebook with a single click.
AppDelete Lite Icon
Delete apps and their associated files (lite version).
rooSwitch Lite Icon
You can create application profiles with rooSwitch Lite