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Apple OS X Lion Server Icon
Server add-on for OS X Lion users.
Apple OS X Server Icon
The OS X Server brings more power to your business, home office or school.
Server Scout Icon
Monitors network systems and devices (was Apache Server Watcher).
Server Switcher Icon
Fast switch between your development and live server.
FontAgent Pro Server Icon
Server for Font Agent Pro.
AQUADock Mountain Lion Icon
Mountain Lion theme for Mac OS X 10.5.
Submit to Output Factory Server Icon
InDesign plug-in for Output Factory Server (was Submit to BatchOutput Server).
Gmote Server Icon
Gmote Server is a server for Android phones' multimedia app 'Gmote'
Valentina Office Server Icon
Valentina Office Server is an incredibly fast business ready database server.
Eudora Internet Mail Server Light Icon
Eudora Internet Mail Server is the popular Intenet mail server