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Text to Audio File Icon
This app creates small AIFF files out of the text you give it.
AIFF from PCM Icon
Convert files containing stereo or mono linear PCM sound data into AIFF format.
Text Cleaner Icon
Auto-cleans text documents.
Text Encrypter Icon
Powerful text encryption program.
Text JDBC and CSV JDBC Drivers Icon
Driver packages for raw data, tabular data, flat text, etc.
Text-Osterone Icon
Create custom animated text effects.
Text Wielder Icon
Search search engines or clean up email quotes.
Text-based MSN Client Icon
TMSNC is a textbased (console) MSN client written in C.
Enolsoft PDF to Text for Mac Icon
Easily extract Text from Adobe PDF files on Mac for reusing or editing.
Simpo PDF to Text for Mac Icon
PDF to Text Converter for Mac to Convert PDF file to plain text format.