myDocuments Icon
myDocuments keeps all your documents at your fingertips.
myManuals Icon
myManuals is made for creating all kinds of manuals.
mySlips Icon
The completely different notepad and outliner.
myBookmarks Icon
store links and finds for later use
myTexts Icon
Enter myTexts, software specifically designed with you, the writer, in mind.
myTumblr Icon
A cute Tumblr client for Mac OS X to blog without browser
myWritings Icon
Lightweight word processor
myQuickSearch Icon
Google at your fingertips, always
myAppLauncher Icon
Quick launch your apps
myPhotos Icon
myPhotos 2. Public Beta available!
myDiary Icon
myDiary is a clear and easy-to-use journaling application
Schreiben Icon
The word processor for the rest of us!
myClippings Icon
A quick and easy to use clipboard manager
mySnippets Icon
Manage your snippets, documents and clippings at fingertips
myRichTexts Icon
myRichTexts is a portable GTD software.
myDictionaryLauncher Icon
Quick access to definition of copied word
maileR Icon
Helps you use Webmail in your own fast application
entiwi Icon
small but powerful widget to find the entities you urgently need
goldSCHNITT Icon
Golden ratio screen template
babL Icon
Makes localization support for developers as easy as pie
bildeR Icon
Faster and easier way to manage and preview your photos
farbKLECKS Icon
A HEX color picker
myRichTexts lite Icon
The cutest writing tool for scriveners ever
Pluto_free Icon
The little brother of the well-known Pluto menu bar
myApps_free Icon
Securely store all of your registration data
mySlips lite Icon
mySlips little sister, doing.more.with.less
myApps Icon
Keep track of all important information of all your purchased software.
Weinkeller Icon
A small but powerful wine collection manager
myDiary_free Icon
An easy to use password protected diary.
Zitate Icon
An easy to use quotations manager
Briefe Icon
Fast word processor that creates your correspondence from repetitive documents
myWords Icon
Full writer word processing solution.
myTexts 4.1 Icon
Enter myTexts, software specifically designed with you, the writer, in mind.
i23 Icon
Securely store your important data.
Schreibchen Icon
Simplified one window word processor.
Monitor Icon
Monitor puts regularly visited websites within reach.
myDocuments Icon
Find, track, use and package needed documents and files.
myBlogEdit Icon
myBlogEdit is an easy-to-use weblog editor
Schnippselchen Pro Icon
Store and manage often used code snippets.
myRecipes Icon
myRecipes is a simple and nice ecipe collection manager.