Auto Mouse Clicker Icon
Create keyboard and mouse macros for Windows automation.
MurgeeMon Icon
Move mouse across dual monitors and create desktop shortcuts to control dual monitors.
Auto Clicker Icon
Start and stop auto mouse clicking with keyboard shortcut.
Auto Mouse Click Icon
Automate left or right mouse clicks, mouse dragging, and keyboard typing.
Auto Mouse Mover Icon
Keep your mouse moving all the time and prevent unexpected power off.
Auto Typer Icon
Type on your keyboard automatically with shortcuts/hotkeys or from a Popup Menu on Screen.
Online TV by Icon
Download to Watch Online TV Channels, Listen to Internet Radio
Extended Keys Manager Icon
Caps Lock, Num Lock & Scroll Lock Manager
Murgee Auto Clicker Icon
Auto Clicker for Automatically clicking Left Mouse Button with keyboard shortcut
Network Controller Icon
Enable or Disable Windows XP or Vista LAN with Shortcut on Desktop
Logon Controller for Vista and Windows 7 Icon
Change Windows 7 or Vista Logon Background and Login with your favourite image
Mouse Click Icon
Mouse Click software utility to click mouse automatically on computer screen
Monitor Information Icon
Free Multiple Monitor utility to identify primary / secondary monitor and more