Javascript custom cursor Icon
This script will add a fancy custom crosshair mouse cursor to your website.
PHP random password generator Icon
PHP random password generator is a complete, working random password generation
Javascript CRC32 Icon
Javascript CRC32 function generates the cyclic redundancy checksum
Scrollable HTML table Icon
Scrollable HTML table JavaScript code can be used to convert tables in ordinary
Javascript drag and drop Icon
Javascript drag and drop is very lightweight javascript drag handler
Ajax File Upload Icon
Ever wanted to upload files using AJAX like in GMAIL
Scrollable HTML table plugin for jQuery Icon
This scripts can be used to convert tables in ordinary HTML into scrollable ones
CSS clearfix Icon
The problem happens when a floated element is within a container box.
CSS vertical align Icon
In HTML the tag has an attribute name valign which can align content vertically
CSS Drop Shadow Icon
Technique to build flexible CSS drop shadows applied to arbitrary block elements