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    1. [ Miscellaneous ]

      Full-featured password manager, with strong encryption and full source code....

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    2. [ Security Related ]

      GUIDClean is a program to detect, display and modify the (GUID)....

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    3. [ Note Management ]

      Tabbed notebook with Rich Text editor, multi-level tree notes....

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    4. [ System Enhancements ]

      global keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) are currently registered on the computer...

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    5. [ Personal Info Management ]

      Flexible, lightweight phone- and addressbook with a phone dialer.It offers a ......

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    6. [ Bookmark Managers ]

      VisitURL is designed to help maintain a handy (as in: at hand) list of URLs....

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    7. [ Misc E-Mail Tools ]

      Signature randomizer and generator for email and news clients.whisky in the jar...

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