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CTrayIcon Class Icon
Allows you to easily add a windows tray icon to your application.
CMemPool Class Icon
Allocated,freed correctly,eases normally tedious task of tracing memory leaks
Top of the Class - Key Stage 1 Icon
Teaching Maths, English and Science skills in a fun and exciting way.
MySql To Excel class Icon
Export data from a MySQL database to Excel files.
DateTimeFormatter class Icon
Easily output formatted date and time text
RPN Stack class Icon
This is an example of how to write a stack and then employ
Vector class Icon
Stores elements in a list and hence allows the 'vector' to grow dynamically
Complex Boolean Regular Expression Class Icon
Need to look for the occurence of words in a string or group of words
A simple date class Icon
This recipe can be used by anyone who wants a date object for a program
.NET DNS MX Wizard Class Library Icon
query a Domain Name System(DNS) server for Mail Exchange(MX) Resource Records