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Service Spy Icon
It allows you to easity identify Application Servers.
Create Null Link Icon
Turns selected text/image into a null link.
Service Manager Icon
Control all your Services and Startups.
Create Ringtone Icon
Make your own MP3/iPhone ringtones from any audio file with a few mouse clicks!
Create objects from variable class names Icon
It is actually quite easy but I had a hard time finding out how to do that.
Create classes at runtime Icon
It can generate associations and validations on-the-fly based .
Create a 'countries' table for rails Icon
This migration creates and populates a 'countries' table.
Create Show Desktop Shortcut Icon
You can quickly and easily restore the Show Desktop icon to your Quick Lanch bar
Create Photo Mosaics Software Icon
Can take a large size photo from a smaller size
Create eBook Using VC++ Icon
Use your Visual C++ compiler to compile HTML files into a Windows executable