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Google Ordered Lists for Chrome Icon
A Chrome extension to change google search result unordered list to ordered list
Google Translator Icon
Internet Explorer addin to translate selected text using Google Translate.
Google Desktop bar Icon
Easy to use free search system for real google search results.
Google PageRank for Delphi Icon
Delphi 5,6,7,05,06 components for revealing Google's PageRank value.
Google Adsense Software Moneyspinner Icon
Create Google Adsense Shareware Site Pages and earn Google Adsense Income
Google Translator Boomerang Icon
translates your english text to foreign languages and back using google engine
Google Referral Module Icon
Allows you to display Google Refferal Links on your Joomla Website.
google calendar api Icon
This library simplifies manipulating google calendar.
Google Submitter Icon
Add URIs + descriptions to Google using a database for repeat use.
Google Desktop for Linux Icon
Search your hard drive for e-mail, files, and your Web and IM histories.