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CRC32 Class Icon
A C++ Class that encapsulates the official CRC-32 algorithm used in PKZip
CCmdLine Class Icon
C++ class will help you get a handle on parameters passed to your application
Top of the Class - Key Stage 2 Icon
They'll be top of the class in no time!
Java Class Finder Icon
Search a class in all JAR/WAR/EAR files that in a selected directory.
Quick and easy FIFO queue class Icon
An easy First-In-First-Out queue class based on Python's List data structure.
C Calendar class Icon
This porgram test the calendar class by prompting users.
A class keeps a reference to it's instance Icon
This recipe implements a base class, which allows derived classes to track.
Select Menu Builder Class Icon
A Server-Side VBScript Class that has methods to Build a menu from a database.
JDScrollBox Class Icon
The Scroll Box Class that you can include in your own Java applets.
cURL Class Icon
A simple class that allows you to POST/GET via the php cURL library