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Family Cyber Alert Icon
Record everything your family does online and offline, including keylogger
Recovery for SQL Server Icon
Recovers data from offline or corrupted SQL Server databases (.mdf/.ndf)
PravIcon.com orthodox icon guide Icon
Portable offline catalog of orthodox icons - the Mother of God and Jesus Christ.
VoDMaker Icon
VoDMaker allows users to record any online/offline movies
AI RoboForm Icon
Saves your(online&offline) passwords, Automatically logs you in, Fills web forms
iViewNapper Icon
Use this program to download your favourite online media for offline viewing.
BooMonsters desktop pet Icon
BooMonsters virtual pet on your desktop with funny ghosts online and offline.
Yahoo Invisible Detector Icon
A software for display the users status on Yahoo (Online - Offline - Invisible).
inSpeak Communicator Icon
It can Send instant messages online and offline privately and securely.
VideoCacheView Icon
Save the video file into your local disk for playing it offline in the future.