PyPar2 Icon
PyPar2 is a graphical frontend for the Linux par2 utility.
Windows Audio Recording Icon
Windows Audio Recording script allows audio Podcast Recording Software
Add thousands separator commas to formatted number Icon
Needed formatted numbers with thousands separator commas added on an end-user
Get active email addresses from Windows Exchange Icon
For Windows Exchange Server running on Windows Server 2000/2003
Ljopml Icon
This is a Python script to generate the OPML feed of your LiveJournal Friends
Py Tic Tac Toe Icon
A web-based Tic Tac Toe game in Python.
Watch That Post Icon
This is a simple Python script to watch a post.
Infix~Postfix Icon
Use this to convert an infix expression to postfix and vice-versa.
ECG simulation using MATLAB Icon
Improved Gray Scale (IGS) codes are used for the elimination of false
pyAlbum Icon
Template driven, lightweight Python script to create an image album.
makeExe Icon
Simple Python script to automate the creation of Python executables using py2exe
Unique Random Numbers Icon
Picks a number of unique random elements from a list.
Read tabular data from Excel spreadsheets Icon
Read tabular data from Excel spreadsheets script reads data from spreadsheet.
Thread-safe caching object and HTTP implementation Icon
Implementation of an abstract, thread-safe cache with minimal locking.
Sorting big files Icon
This recipe can be used to sort big files according to a key
An interval mapping data structure Icon
This structure is a kind of dictionary which allows you to map data intervals
Asynchronous port forwarding Icon
This forward the TCP traffic from your machine to another host
Cross Platform Excel Parsing With Xlrd Icon
Easily extract data from microsoft excel files using this wrapper class for xlrd
Set Process Priority In Windows Icon
Set Process Priority In Windows allows you to set process priority under windows
CSV to XML with configuration Icon
uses a python csv package, but adds configuration file
xmlrpc server/client Icon
xmlrpc server/client script does cookie handling and supports basic authenticati
Get DHCP IP Icon
A small script which i use to get the DHCP ip of my laptop
Python Cryptography Toolkit Icon
A collection of cryptographic algorithms and protocols, implemented for use
Ordered Dictionary Icon
This dictionary class extends UserDict to record the order in which items added
Scramble Word Icon
Re-arrange characters of word by using simple string manipulation and Random.
Edge-coloring of a bipartite graph Icon
Edge-coloring of a bipartite graph script allows you to verify Konig's theorem.
Performance monitoring via telnet and ftp Icon
This code snippet shows how to kich off a performance data gathering shell scrip
Reverse Lookup Yellow Page Icon
look up personal/home address from a phone number (US & Canada) usage
Decimal to Roman numerals Icon
Convert decimals to Roman numerials.
Simple Star Wars Game Icon
How to create a simple Space Invaders clone with a Star Wars theme.
Python XTEA Encryption Icon
This is a simple python implementation of the XTEA block encryption algorithm
LaTeX codec Icon
Codec for converting unicodes to LaTeX markup and vice versa.
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Icon
A class that carries out Principal Component Analysis (PCA).
Fractal tree Icon
This simple program can be used to compute and display a 2D fractal tree.
web2ldap Icon
A generic LDAPv3 client which does not make any assumptions
Stripchart Plotter Icon
OpenGL Stripchart plotter for a user defined number of channels.
icmplib Icon
icmplib: library for creating and reading ICMP packets (Python)
'Safe' Python module reload Icon
This is a script for python.
OK cancel dialog Icon
This is a script for python.
ZChat Icon
Provide an example of how the z_service module can be used.