rubystep$ Icon
This is to be a financial planning and recordkeeping package.
validate email address Icon
This is a script for ruby.
rash Icon
Ruby as shell; a ruby interpreter tweaked to be a good general shell.
standardizing rails flash messages Icon
A proposal from Luke Randall on the rails mailing list.
Calculating ezmlm-hash of an email address Icon
Calculates the ezmlm-hash of an email address for use with mysql.
Authorization Plugin Icon
The Authorization plugin adds a flexible mechanism for authorization .
Centaurr Icon
A multithreaded, scriptable .
cdBlog Icon
A fully-flexible Blog- / CMS-Software written with Ruby on Rails framework.
Quickly match first instance of a regex in Ruby Icon
I recently saw a clever Ruby idiom to return the first regex match.
GentleCMS Icon
GentleCMS is not currently being developed.
Jyte Spy feed scraper Icon
Scrapes the JSON/HTML Jyte Spy data feed and turns it into something useful.
Selms Icon
Selms aims to provide all the functionality required to manage a central syslog.
Iptc extension Icon
This project will attempt to create a good object.
Cairn Icon
Cairn is a multiplayer game platform built upon freedom and openness.
URL Shorteners Icon
These are some funky great little functions to pop in your helper module .
Radiance Message Board System Icon
Message boards coded in Ruby using mod_ruby and MiniBase.
System Wide Console Logging Icon
System Wide Console Logging - Add this to your ~/.irbrc file and you will have i
Truncate Icon
Truncate text in ruby on rails views.
How to Stripe HTML Rows in Ruby on Rails Icon
How to Stripe HTML rows using different css class names.
RDParser Icon
A work of genius by Dennis Ranke.
Airport Icon
This is a Ruby wrapper for the Macintosh Airport driver.
MUDClay Icon
MUDClay is a simple, easy to use MUD development framework.
Win32 Utils Icon
Win32 Utils - A series of packages that provide Ruby interfaces to Win32 systems
Random key from Ruby hash snippet Icon
Returns a random key from your hash, but won't repeat until it's done every one.
Load a Web page in Ruby and print information Icon
This is a script for ruby.
Basic ruby assert function Icon
A very simple way to add assert capability to function.
Mongrel Spinner and Restart tasks for Capistrano Icon
These tasks should work with the default deploy.rb file.
Emerald Icon
Emerald is a web-based strategy game where players must lead a tribe to develop.
AgoraRuby Icon
AgoraRuby is a Bulletin Board system written in Ruby.
OpsDoodle Icon
OpsDoodle is an easy to use guest book system using ROR..
fcca Icon
Remake of the old fantastic game Colonization,
S3 upload client for Ruby Icon
Ses Marcel Molina's AWS::S3 gem.. gem install aws-s3.
MP4Info Icon
MP4Info is a library providing read (and, someday, write) access to MP4 tags.
RedBoy Icon
RedBoy is a post it application written in ruby-Gtk2 mainly for GNOME desktop.
ClockingIT Icon
ClockingIT is a free hosted application,
Weft QDA Icon
Weft QDA is an easy-to-use GUI package for the analysis
Rugtd Icon
Rugtd is (or rather, will be) a task management tool.
GoogleService Icon
GoogleService is a library to use Google data API easily.
Random Alphanumeric String Generator Icon
This is a script for ruby.
PhotoSync Icon
A flexible tool for keeping photos synchronized between 2 or more services.