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PhotoFiltre Plugins Pack Icon
PhotoFiltre Plugins Pack makes it easier to download and install plugins.
Barcode Plugins Icon
Plug Ins for Adobe Illustrator.
MadJik' all plugins Icon
Allow you to apply numerous distortions and render effects to your photos.
photoshop plugins: newtonRaphson Fractal Renderer Icon
Renders newton raphson fractals
photoshop plugins: Cubic Environment Mapping Icon
Environment mapping is essentially a fake
Photoshop CS5 Optional Plugins Icon
system requirements for Adobe Creative Suite 5 software or Photoshop CS5
photoshop plugins: Cross Stitch Icon
Applies a cross stitch style effect to the source image
photoshop plugins: Chihuly Filter Icon
This filter will take the lower edge of an image
AFU Plugins Icon
These scripts combine with Auto FollowUp.
photoshop plugins: 4D Quaternion Julia-set Ray Tracer Icon
It is a port of Keenan Crane Cg implementation