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DBSync for FoxPro & MSSQL Icon
The solution for FoxPro and MS SQL databases conversion and synchronization
DBSync for FoxPro & MySQL Icon
a program to synchronize MS Visual FoxPro databases to MySQL server
DBSync for MS FoxPro & MySQL Icon
Bi-directional synchronization and convertion for MS FoxPro and MySQL databases
DBSync for MS Access & MS FoxPro Icon
Bi-directional synchronization of MS Access and MS FoxPro databases
DBSync for Oracle and MSSQL Icon
Bi-directional Database Synchronization Tool for Oracle and MS SQL databases
DBSync for MSSQL & PostgreSQL Icon
synchronize and convert your database
DBSync for MSSQL & MySQL Icon
Synchronize and convert from:MS SQL to MySQL ,MS SQL to MS SQL.
DBSync for MS Access & MSSQL Icon
a powerful synchronization tool designed for bi-directional conversion
DBConvert for FoxPro & MSSQL Icon
A reliable bi-directional database migration tool.