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DEA Solver light Icon
Educational solver to DEA.
Equation Solver Icon
Equation Solver can solve a first or a second degree polynomial equation.
Linear equations solver Icon
Just a little bit of hack: a linear equations solver using eval and built-in
M/M/1 Solver & Simulator Icon
M/M/1 Solver & Simulator solves and simulates the M/M/1 queuing system.
Griddlers Solver Icon
Griddlers Solver is an application designed for solving paint by numbers puzzles
Anagram Solver Icon
Anagram Solver is a program that will help you decrypt your anagrams
Linear Equation Solver Icon
Linear Equation Solver solves linear equations in 3 variables
PHP sudoku solver Icon
PHP sudoku solver script is a sudoku solver made in php.
SuDoku-X Solver Icon
SuDoku and Super-SuDoku-X Solver
Sudoku Solver Script Icon
This is a simple text based Sadoku puzzle solver.