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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express (64-bit) Icon
Learn and build desktop and small server applications and redistribute by ISVs.
Dev-PHP IDE Icon
Dev-PHP is a well-featured IDE for PHP
Express Agent Icon
Express Agent lets you schedule and execute jobs and backups for SQL Express.
Express Assist Icon
Outlook Express & Windows Live Mail - Backup, Restore and Synchronize Utility
Express and Mail Icon
Outlook Express & Windows Mail password recovery tool
EXPress Collage Lite Icon
An electronic publishing program for home or business use.
eXPress Collage Icon
Quickly create customized ebooks, photo albums, calendars, screen savers.
Dev-C++ Icon
Full-featured programming environment & compiler for creating software in C/C++.
Express Schedule Icon
Create, edit, and share employee and staff schedules for your business.
Express Zip Icon
Zip, unzip, compress, and archive files and folders; create and manage zip files.