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A powerful developer library for vehicle license plate recognition (LPR).
DTK Image SDK Icon
Image processing library for image viewing, conversion, manipulation and saving
DTK Barcode Reader SDK Icon
Find linear barcodes from image files and bitmaps.
Barcode Reader SDK Icon
DTK Barcode Reader SDK reads barcodes from image files and bitmaps.
SolveigMM Video Editing SDK Icon
SDK for fast and lossless editing AVC, MPEG-2,ASF,AVI,MP3 files
MegaMatcher Extended SDK Trial Icon
SDK trial for large-scale multi-biometric civil and forensic systems (AFIS)
Mailbox SDK Icon
Mailbox SDK is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs)
SMSC Connectivity SDK Icon
SMSC Connectivity SDK accelerates the development of custom SMS and EMS messagin
TeakSpeak 3 SDK Icon
The TeamSpeak 3 Software Development Kit (SDK) offers a complete integrated solu
conaito VoiceMail SDK Icon
conaito VoiceMail SDK - Mp3 Recording Applet and VoiceMail for your webpages