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Config-DBI Icon
SQL-AnyDBD is Perl extension to generate SQL for RDBMS variants.
Transfer Config Icon
ColdFusion tag cfdbinfo and creates the Transfer ORM Config file.
Database-Schema-Config Module Icon
Database-Schema-Config Module is a Perl extension for storing generic config
WinAgents IOS Config Editor Icon
WinAgents IOS Config Editor is an editor for Cisco routers configuration files
IDM.Net Config Manager Icon
Managing and processing .Net App.config files. GUI application.
DOSBox (0.65) Config Editor Icon
DOSBox (0.65) Config Editor - visual configure DOSBox conf file
Transform Config Icon
The new configuration transformation feature in Visual Studio 2010.
Nagios Web Config Icon
A PHP/MySQL based front-end for Nagios 2.x setup.
Class From Config for C#.NET Icon
ClassFromConfig is code generation utility
Web.Config Editor Icon
WCE is a tool to manage ASP.Net's web configuration files.