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Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 2 (64-Bit) Icon
Get the latest updates for Office 2010 and improve your document management system.
Mozilla Firefox (64-bit) Icon
A faster, more secure and customizable Web browser.
7-Zip (64-bit) Icon
Archive and unpack files on your 64-bit OS.
Waterfox Portable (64-Bit) Icon
Surf the web using a specially optimized 64-Bit browser.
Apple iTunes (64-bit) Icon
Manage your music, and movie libraries on your PC, iPod, or iPhone.
SNTP Service (64-bit) Icon
Maintain network time synchronization and services.
Pale Moon (64-bit) Icon
Strike a perfect balance between general use, performance, and technical advancements with mainstream Web browsing.
EF Commander (64-bit) Icon
Manage, view, and archive files, transfer data via FTP.
EF Find (64-bit) Icon
Search for files text, HEX sequences, and regular expressions even inside archive files.
PeaZip Portable (64-bit) Icon
Take your file archiver with you and work with compressed 7z, ZIP, GZ, TAR, and RAR files on the go.