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Java-XML Binder Icon
Java-to-XML and XML-to-Java Mapping Tool.
Java-JCR Icon
Java-JCR module is a Java-based API for access hierarchical databases.
Java Contactor Icon
Java Contactor - Making contact was never so easy with this Java based PIM.
Java Excel Connector Icon
Java library built to access the MS Excel application
Java Book Catologging System Icon
Java Book Cataloging System allows you to create a books catalog
Java Chat Icon
Java/JavaScript Chat is a chat software
Java Email Server Icon
Java Mail Server is a Java SMTP and POP3 e-mail server.
Java Help System Icon
Java-Help-System generates an advanced help system for JDK
Java for the Beginning Programmer Icon
Java to someone withabsolutely no programming background.
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Java Remote Desktop provides a remote display and control of a user's desktop.