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Cleans out all temporary files from the temp folder,or any folder you specify.
Clean-Up Temporary files Icon
This is a simple program that will automatically delete your temporary files.
Disk Clean Up and PC Cleaner Icon
Disc Cleaner will remove all. PC Clean up your computer.
Lets Clean Up! Plus Icon
Let's Clean Up! makes it a snap to organize and manage household chores.
Disk Clea Up and PC Clean Up Icon
Junk files, duplicate files and broken shortcuts. Disc Cleaner will remove all.
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Secure file deletion and comprehensive clean-up for tightest security
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Clean Ram - Tune up RAM without any cost
PHP clean string for mysql Icon
Function to clean up a string before using it in a mysql query
PHP function for cleaning up HTML code Icon
This is a function for PHP scripts to clean up HTML code before outputting it.
R-Wipe & Clean Icon
A complete solution to clean private records and free up disk space.