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Left Handed guitar course (unit 1) Icon
Learn to play guitar left handed course + tuner, metronome, chord chart and more
OhPurleese left-handed entomologists Icon
OhPurleese left-handed entomologists is a useful utility
Sonket Dev left overs, the soap! Icon
No package, each vcl is in its own directory that has the class name. Applica...
MB Brain Test Icon
This is a simple brain dominance test software for the left and right brain.
Filetrac Icon
Help you keep track of files left behind when you uninstall a program.
Excel Shift Decimal Point Software Icon
Move decimal place left or right in block of selected cells in MS Excel.
qPad Icon
Take notes or work with plain texts in Unicode editor with support for right-to-left languages.
Auto Mouse Click Icon
Automate left or right mouse clicks, mouse dragging, and keyboard typing.
Evidence Exterminator Icon
Evidence Exterminator safely cleans all tracks left by you while using PC
EnCalcOL Icon
EnCalcOL calculates how much heating oil is left and how long it will last