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Select Menu Builder Class Icon
A Server-Side VBScript Class that has methods to Build a menu from a database.
Random key from Ruby Hash Icon
I needed a Ruby Hash class that could extract a random key from the keys .
MySql To Excel class Icon
Export data from a MySQL database to Excel files.
Font List & Combo ActiveX Control Icon
Allows you choose all the avaible fonts from a listbox or combobox. Main feat...
P2Ptv Remote Control Icon
Reach the right channels from the main P2Ptv softwares
Safari Xtra Icon
Using Safari Xtra you will control your bookmarks from the main toolbar.
Zip Folder Icon
This class can be used to extract files and directories from ZIP archives.
Cross Platform Excel Parsing With Xlrd Icon
Easily extract data from microsoft excel files using this wrapper class for xlrd
getch() Icon
A small utility class to read single characters from standard input
Easy JAVA to Source Converter Icon
It is a decompiler for Java that reconstructs original source code from Class.