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Equations for Windows Icon
Equations is an equations editor with over 700 symbols and LaTeX/Visual editing
Solve Quadratic Equations using Factorisation Icon
Solve Quadratic Equations using Factorisation solves a Quadratic Equation
Ordinary Differential Equations Icon
Solves boundary-value problems involving ordinary differential equations
Systems of Nonlinear Equations Icon
Numerically solves systems of simultaneous nonlinear equations.
Linear equations solver Icon
Just a little bit of hack: a linear equations solver using eval and built-in
Linear Equations Solver Applet Icon
This java applet solves linear equations of two unknown variables.
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It can help you Solve simple equations.
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A program write in Dephi
Atoms, Symbols and Equations Icon
Great interactive Chemistry teaching software for home and school.
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A simple and free tools that will help you solve your math equations.