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My First Dictionary Icon
Lay firm foundations with Parent-Assisted Learning.
My First Number Icon
My First Number is the essential pre-school learning tools.
My First Starting to Read Icon
Part of the best-selling 'My First' series of books and CD-ROMs.
My First Getting Ready for School Icon
With songs, rhymes and animations, children will be entertained for hours.
My First Toddler School Icon
This CD-ROM provides parents with a valuable tool for familiarising toddlers.
English to Pashto Dictionary Icon
First versions of Qamosona English to Pashto dictionaries
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Chemical Dictionary - First PHP build Chemical Dictionary
Tic Tac Toe in Tk Icon
A TicTacToe built using Ruby and Tk. Since this was my first Tk app,
Ruby PhishTank API Module Icon
The PhishTank API module is my first stab at some Ruby coding.
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A simple python calculator, and my first application of REGEX.