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Microsoft .NET Framework Icon
Component needed to execute programs using .NET Framework.
Net Switch Icon
Net Switch is a multi network manager, automatically change all network settings
.NET News On Your Desktop Icon
.NET News On Your Desktop notifies users about latest .NET components news.
.NET News Vista Gadget Icon
.NET News Vista Gadget notifies users about latest .NET components news.
Net-SNMP Icon
A composite image of images from locations that use the Net-SNMP package.
.Net Licensing Pro Icon
100% .NET solution for licensing .NET controls and applications.
Plant Base Icon
Plant Base is intended to be a straightforward plant encyclopedia database.
.NET Zip Component ZipForge.NET Icon
.NET Zip Component with AES encryption, Unicode, NTFS timestamps and SFX support
.NET Encoder Wizard Class Library Icon
.NET Encoder Wizard Class Library is a class library for .NET
.Net Licensing Icon
.Net Licensing is a lightweight yet comprehensive licensing solution.