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Right-Click Extender Icon
Add and remove items to the right click context menu
Right-Click Encrypter Icon
Protect your files with a click.
Right Click File Selector Icon
Select all same extension name files
Desktop Right Click Menu Manager Icon
Easily Add/ Delete Frequently Used programs to/from Desktop Right Click Menu
Allow Right Click Icon
Re-enable the possibility to use the context menu on sites that overrides it
Copy File Name Icon
Right click a file and copy the long or short name to the clipboard.
Add Copy To / Move To Icon
Add Copy To Move To options to Windows Explorer Right click Menu
One-click CD/DVD Copy Icon
Clone DVDs, audio CDs, and other discs simply by right-clicking on them.
Auto Mouse Click Icon
Automate left or right mouse clicks, mouse dragging, and keyboard typing.
Disable Right Mouse Menu Icon
This piece of code disables the right mouse click menu for IE4+, NS4 and NS6.