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state list Icon
You can use this script to put the USA states names in a html list.
Average US State Locations Icon
A hash table of average US State Locations (latitude, longitude).
How to implement state-dependent behavior Icon
How to implement state-dependent behavior script demonstrates a networkcard
Finite State Machine (FSM) Icon
This recipe shows a Finite State Machine that can be used for parsing tasks.
Country State Drop Down Icon
Automatically repopulates the state drop down based on the country
North American State Mapping Template Icon
Set of MapPoint templates to create maps of individual NAm States & Counties
Hash of US State Names and Abbreviations Icon
This is pretty handy, in a Rails view.
US State Abbreviations to Full name Icon
This is a script for ruby.
US colleges by state Icon
It allows you to make a list of the US colleges by states.
Select Menu Japan State Icon
You can define a select menu in japanese language with this script.