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Surface Defects Analyzer Icon
Surface Defects Analyzer is the project of control system implementation.
Surface Deformer Benchmark Icon
Surface Deformer Benchmark is focused on the vertex processing unit.
DJ Surface Icon
DJ Surface is a powerful, lightweight, audio mixing application for the Windows.
Access Cairo surface from numpy and pygame Icon
Access Cairo surface from numpy and pygame script aliases the memory.
Web SurfACE Icon
A tabbed browser with skin support. Includes built-in functions for quick web...
BSAcalc Icon
Calculation of the Surface Area of the Body and Body Mass Index.
Best Flobo HDD Repair Icon
Includes : bad sector repair tool, test speed , S.M.A.R.T. information, surface
Visual Fitting Icon
To fit data with linear, nonlinear curve models and surface models.
SurGe Icon
Mapping package and surface interpolation / approximation
Geometry Calculator Icon
Circle, Area, Surface Area and Volume.