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Through the Winter Woods Icon
Through the Woods features a high resolution photo of a horse drawn sled.
Microphone Pass-through Emulator Icon
Advanced Microphone Pass-Through/Playback Emulator for Newer Sound Cards.
Learning Ladder Years 1 & 2 Icon
Woody the pencil takes you on an incredible learning adventure!
7000 Years Calendar Icon
12 calendars, holidays and memorial days of many countries and religions.
garfield 25 Years Win screensaver Icon
Let's enjoy the screensaver of Garfield!
3D New Years Countdown Icon
Symbols of time float before a large time symbols video as the clock softly coun
3D New Years Countdown Screensaver Icon
Customizable symbols of time float as the clock softly counts down to midnight.
Automatic delegation through descriptors Icon
When you want a class instance to act as if it was an instance of another class.
Transmitting exceptions through XML-RPC Icon
Python's xmlrpclib only raises the xmlrpclib.
Lean Manufacturing - Click-Through Icon
Help organizations reduce lean manufacturing implementation costs