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Standard Mouse Auto Clicker Icon
powerful yet easy-to-use which can free you hands!
Standard Download Icons Icon
Icon set which will make your sites unique.
DoEvents alternative function Icon
Shows how to create an alternative function for the standard DoEvents function
Coding Standard Adaptor Icon
Coding Standard Adaptor script contains a function which takes an object.
VPE Standard Icon
Dynamic creation of documents for screen- and printer output.
Audio CD Rip Standard X Icon
A Component which allows you to Rip Audio CD's To wave files.
Label mx Barcode software Standard Editi Icon
Label mx is a barcode software which is easy to learn and easy to use.
NCat Icon
Named cat - combine multiple files to standard output, with filenames.
The Markov Chain Algorithm Icon
A classic algorithm which can produce entertaining output, given a sufficiently
Baikal Wordpad Icon
It is a unique text editor which not only combines functions of a standard